This Custom Lego Friends Wonder Woman is Awesome

tikitikitembo's Lego Friends Wonder Woman

The Lego Friends have proven to much more versatile then originally thought. One super cool way to customize your figures is with custom painting. This Lego Friends Wonder Woman is a great example of what can be done with some paint and a brush. To complete the look, the hair piece, and golden whip can be found in the recent Superman vs. Power Armor Lex (6862) set. Diana Prince is now ready to fight the worst Lego criminals out there.

This Custom Lego Wonder Woman can be found here:

The Anatomy of a Tiny Lego Man

Freeny's Tiny Lego Man Anatomy Sculpt

This Tiny Lego Man Anatomy Study measures just 2.75 inches tall. The whole thing is even hand painted, including all the of the smallest details. Not only is there one finished Minifigure sculpt, but if you look into the background you can see another one being created. These little Lego Men are amazingly cool.

Check out the Tiny Lego Man Anatomy Sculpt by Freeny over on DeviantArt:

Lego Assassin’s Creed Rouge: Shay Patrick Cormack Minifigure

Logan Fulford's Lego Assassin's Creed Rouge

Assassin’s Creed is out with a new video game. Titled Assassin’s Creed Rouge, it is a duel release with Assassin’s Creed Unity. This has to be one of the most confusing video game release schedules of all time. Although Unity is getting more press, it seems the smaller title Rouge is getting better a fan reception. Logan Fulford has created an extremely detailed custom Minifigure based on the games protagonist, Shay Patrick Cormack. This little Lego guy features custom sculpting and custom painting to achieve its look. The paint work is well done, especially when you consider the fact that this is only 4cm tall. Hopefully we will see more Lego Assassin’s Creed stuff in the future, it seems like a theme that has a lot of overlap with Lego fans.

Logan Fulford's Lego Assassin's Creed Rouge, Shay Patrick Cormack

Check out this Shay Patrick Cormack Minifigure from Assassin’s Creed Rouge over on Flickr:

Lego Comics With The Hulk and Captain America, or “I remember when comics were 30 cents”

monsterbrick's Lego Comics, The Hulk 59

Hulk Smash Lego bricks. These Lego versions of comic book covers are the creation of monsterbricks. The Lego comic book covers are also relief sculptures. Where a 3D image/figure is sculpted in front of the background. In this case it is The Incredible Hulk breaking through the ground, literally breaking out of the background and into your face. This is even more pronounced with the Captain America cover below. These Comic-Bricks (Lego Comics) are extremely fun. The overall design is greatly supported by the typography and logos, which is difficult to replicate with Lego bricks. Here the lettering is using a combination of brick built letters, and custom printed tiles. The end result is great. Check out the custom UPCs, price tags, publisher icons, etc. These are great recreations of their real life comic book inspirations; The Incredible Hulk #59, and Captain America #109.

monsterbrick's Lego Comics, Captain America by Jack Kirby. Comic Bricks 109

Lego has had great success with their Super Heroes theme. It is a little bit weird that they have managed to license both Marvel Comics and DC Comics. Lego has been releasing mostly modern themed comic book stuff. With just a little of the classic or silver-age represented (The 1966 Batmobile). It would be awesome if Lego were to release 1 or 2 sets a year based on the golden-age or silver-age stuff. Imagine all the possibilities with Minifigures based on Jack Kirby, Gil Kane, Steve Ditko, Stan Lee, and John Romita designs.

monsterbrick's Lego Comics, Approved By The Comics Code Authority

This post has been approved by the Comics Code Authority.

Check out monsterbrick’s Brick-Comics (Lego Comics) over on Flickr:

Become Legend with Custom Destiny Lego Minifigures

Living Legend's Lego Destiny Minifigures

“Guardians are fighting on Earth and beyond. Join them.”

Check out these cool custom Lego Minifigures based on the sci-fi MMO Destiny. Living Legend spent months perfecting these Guardians. They feature unique vinyl stickers, and custom paint work. These Minifigs are ready to destroy their alien enemies, or spend hours shooting wildly into a cave.

More details about these Lego Destiny figures, by Living Legend, are over at Flickr:

Custom Lego Minifigures from BrickUltra: Wave 2

BrickUltra has just released information about their Wave 2 release of their Custom Lego Minifigures. These new Minifigs are digitally printed, meaning that the quality and detail is amazing. These feature printing that completely covers the Minifig head, arms, and legs. The first four Minifigures all appear to be based on popular video games. I recognize Titanfall, and Borderlands 2, but for some odd reason I can’t place the other two. They are being sold for $30, and ship will be shipping in March.

BrickUltra's Custom Lego Minifigure: MechPilot

“Prepare to drop! Each Mech Pilot’s body armor is equipped with a jet pack which allows them to hop across the battlefield! Despite these abilities, the Mech Pilot can still be squashed like ants if they are not careful around an enemy Mech.”

BrickUltra's Custom Lego Minifigure: Psycho

“Psychos are bandits who have gone insane with a freakish obsession for loot. Shirtless, wearing a white mask and dressed in orange pants, these outlaws can be immediately identified by their homicidal cries, psychotic laughter and constant desire to get into close combat.”

BrickUltra's Custom Lego Minifigure: Ultra

“Ultra was constructed by a famed scientist/adventurer, who experimenting in high-intelligence robotics. Ultra became sentient and rebelled, hypnotizing the scientist and brainwashing him into forgetting that Ultra had ever existed. He immediately began improving upon his rudimentary design, quickly upgrading himself.”

BrickUltra's Custom Lego Minifigure: Carmine

“In the Carmine family, military service was simply an expectation; they didn’t do it for a sense of duty or honor or patriotism. Instead, they “simply loved to shoot guns, blow stuff up, and never turn down a knock-down, drag-out fight.”

For a review of the Mech Pilot check out this video by BrickQueen:

Check out the BrickUltra store for more information on these custom Minifigs:

Good News, Everyone! A Lego Futurama Display: The World of Tomorrow.

PepaQuin's Lego Futurama: The World of Tomorrow

Futurama is one of the greatest television shows of all time. So it is fitting that Futurama has been recreated in one of the greatest Lego displays. Hopefully if the new Lego Simpsons theme takes off Lego will look into creating some Futurama sets. In the mean time you can create your own.

The World of Tomorrow, built by Pepa Quin, is a massive Lego version of New New York from Futurama. The whole project took over 2 years and originally started with the Planet Express all the way back in 2008. Since then the Futurama project has expanded into an 80″ x 60″ layout. Featuring most of the landmark locations from New New York. The World of Tomorrow made its debut at Brickworld 2010 as a part of the Northern Illinois Lego Train Club display.

The Futurama Lego display is based around the Planet Express. Surprisingly, it being the first MOC in the display it has largely remained unchanged. Even the Owl infestation is present in this awesome build.

PepaQuin's Lego Futurama: The World of Tomorrow. Planet Express.

The iconic Madison Cube Garden has been included. Perfect for Lego concerts, and other live shows.

PepaQuin's Lego Futurama: The World of Tomorrow. Madison Cube Garden.

For Brickworld 2011 the Taco Bellevue Hospital was added to The World of Tomorrow display. Replacing the MomCorp building.

PepaQuin's Lego Futurama: The World of Tomorrow. Taco Bellevue Hospital.

Underneath New New York is the home of the mutants. The sewers (which happen to be the ruins of New York) is a toxic dump with a whole thriving underground city. The home of Leela’s parents and many adventures. If you look closely you might even find some cameos from Star Wars and Harry Potter down here.

PepaQuin's Lego Futurama: The World of Tomorrow. New New York Sewers.

All of the main Futurama characters are present. Most of which have been created using custom decals and even some customs modifications.

Leela, Nibbler, and Zapp.

PepaQuin's Lego Futurama The World of Tomorrow. Leela, Nibbler, Zapp.


PepaQuin's Lego Futurama The World of Tomorrow. Bender!

Amy and Kiff.

PepaQuin's The World of Tomorrow. Amy and Kiff.

Fry visiting the local suicide booth.

PepaQuin's Lego Futurama The World of Tomorrow. Fry.

Zoidberg rummaging through the trash for dinner, or a friend.

PepaQuin's Lego Futurama The World of Tomorrow. Zoidberg.

It looks like Scruffy is probably enjoying his copy of Zero-G Juggs.

PepaQuin's Lego Futurama The World of Tomorrow. Scruffy.

The famous chef Elzar featuring an extremely well made custom body.

PepaQuin's Lego Futurama The World of Tomorrow. Elzar.

The local police. URL and Smitty.

PepaQuin's Lego Futurama The World of Tomorrow. URL and Smitty.

Robot Santa Claus.

PepaQuin's Lego Futurama The World of Tomorrow. Robot Santa Claus

There are many references to Futurama episodes through out the display. For instance these flying Brains trying to catalog every piece of knowledge before destroying the universe.

PepaQuin's The World of Tomorrow. Brains.

Almost all of the Minifigures walking around New New York feature custom faces. Achieved by carefully creating and applying decals to blank Minifig heads.

PepaQuin's The World of Tomorrow. Minifigures.

Check out all the details from Pepa Quin’s  Lego Futurama display, The World of Tomorrow:

My First Game Console (Sprite Edition): A Lego NES + Instructions.

Chris McVeigh's My First Game Console, A Lego NES

A good amount of Lego fans have at one point or another fallen in love with the Nintendo Entertainment System. The NES was originally released in 1983 in Japan with red and gold styling. The black and gray system didn’t show up until 1985 in North America and 1986 in Europe. For many people this would be their first video game console. Most kids at the time could be found in front of their TV having an adventure with Link or saving the princess with Mario. A good many of these kids were also enjoying the Lego Classic Space or Castle theme at the same time.

Chris McVeigh (Powerpig) has created a great Lego NES MOC with only 220 pieces. The end result is the main console, two controllers and two games. Perfect for some multiplayer. The cartridges can even be inserted into the NES. Although you may need to blow on them first.

The coolest thing ever, is that Chris McVeigh has provided super detailed instructions for you to build a Lego NES at home. Check out the PDF for a parts list. If you don’t happen to have all the necessary pieces My First Game Console (Sprite Edition) is available for purchase through Chris McVeigh’s online store. With preorders shipping out in about 2 weeks.

Chris McVeigh's My First Game Console, A Lego NES + Instructions

Check out My First Game Console (Sprite Edition) instructions here (PDF):

You can also purchase the Lego NES here:

High Velocity Ice Cutting Speeder. A Lego Ice Planet Themed MOC.

A Plastic Infinity's High Velocity Ice Cutting Speeder on Ice Planet

One Lego theme that you don’t see very often is the Ice Planet 2002 theme. This was the Lego Space theme from 1993 through 1994. It had a heavy emphasis on blue and white bricks. The theme contained a lot of white haired minifigures and the coolest (pun!) accessory ever made: the transparent orange chainsaw (6117). The High Velocity Ice Cutting Speeder (HiVICS), by A Plastic Infinity, is a cool MOC based on Ice Planet. This is a compact speeder in the SNOT style, with come really inventive use of Lego parts. For instance, the blue baseball cap and the Bionicle (?) pieces. The Lego hoses also lend a sleekness to the speeder that works well.

A Plastic Infinity used one customized Lego piece in this built. If you can spot it, make sure to go over to the Flickr page and let them know!

See the HiVICS, by A Plastic Infinity, over on Flickr:

The Wheel of Time Lego Minifigures

SirGlub's The Wheel Of Time Lego Minifigures

The Wheel of Time, by Robert Jordan and finished by Brandon Sanderson, is one of those epic fantasy series. WoT spans 23 years, 14 novels, and 1 prequel. For a while it seemed like there would never be an end. Especially in the late middle half of the series, where everyone was going nowhere fast. It all starts out with a couple of youths in an out-of-the-way village who soon find themselves wrapped up in a plot to save the world. With over four millions words written, it is safe to say you get to know the main characters pretty well. Sir Glub recently started reading through the series and was inspired to create his own Lego Minifigures. Represented are the main characters, Al’Lan Mandragoran, Moiraine Damodred, Rand al’Thor, Perrin Aybara, and Matrim (Mat) Cauthon. The expressions on the minfig heads are perfect. From the emotionless Aes Sedai to the troublesome smirk of Mat. There are hundreds of characters, but two of the most important that are missing are Egwene al’Vere, and Nynaeve al’Meara. They are probably too busy pulling on their Lego braids to be in a photo.

Sir Glub’s Wheel of Time Lego Minifigures can be found on Flickr: