Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, (Start)

Chris Maddison Lego NES Controller, Up, Up, Down, Down…

The NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) controller is the most iconic design of video gaming. The grey, black, and red are instantly recognizable. This Lego version is the creation of Chris Maddison. Who built this MOC for the Iron Builder 5.0 competition. The challenge piece is the new Nexo Knights shield. You can find them being used to recreate the D-Pad. The Start and Select buttons are another perfect recreation. The whole thing makes you want to try out the famous Konomi code: Up, Up, Down, Down…

Check out this Lego NES Controller, by Chris Maddison, over here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/cmaddison/32564599751/

A Lego Playstation 2 Microbuild

kelseybuildslego's Lego Playstation 2 Microbuild

The original Playstation 2 was a monster of a game system. It managed to be heavy, somewhat fragile, expensive accessories, and difficult to find (at least at launch). The good news is that now you can recreate this legendary system with only 6 Lego bricks, at a cost of around (60¢). Sure it cannot play Final Fantasy X, Metal Gear Solid 2, or Grand Theft Auto but it also doesn’t cost $299. Kelseybuildslego created this Lego Playstation 2 Microbuild with an almost perfect eye for minimalism. The double clip Lego piece will now forever be a PS2 controller in my mind. The single detail that makes this whole thing work is the two blue Lego wedges representing the vertical stand. Well done.

Check out the Lego Playstation 2 Microbuild (by kelseybuildslego) over on Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/lego/comments/2ibbgw/created_an_account_to_show_you_this_my/

My First Game Console (Sprite Edition): A Lego NES + Instructions.

Chris McVeigh's My First Game Console, A Lego NES

A good amount of Lego fans have at one point or another fallen in love with the Nintendo Entertainment System. The NES was originally released in 1983 in Japan with red and gold styling. The black and gray system didn’t show up until 1985 in North America and 1986 in Europe. For many people this would be their first video game console. Most kids at the time could be found in front of their TV having an adventure with Link or saving the princess with Mario. A good many of these kids were also enjoying the Lego Classic Space or Castle theme at the same time.

Chris McVeigh (Powerpig) has created a great Lego NES MOC with only 220 pieces. The end result is the main console, two controllers and two games. Perfect for some multiplayer. The cartridges can even be inserted into the NES. Although you may need to blow on them first.

The coolest thing ever, is that Chris McVeigh has provided super detailed instructions for you to build a Lego NES at home. Check out the PDF for a parts list. If you don’t happen to have all the necessary pieces My First Game Console (Sprite Edition) is available for purchase through Chris McVeigh’s online store. With preorders shipping out in about 2 weeks.

Chris McVeigh's My First Game Console, A Lego NES + Instructions

Check out My First Game Console (Sprite Edition) instructions here (PDF): http://www.powerpig.ca/lego_kit_guides_2014/my_first_console_sprite.pdf

You can also purchase the Lego NES here: http://powerpig.storenvy.com/products/5174624-my-first-game-console-sprite-edition

Lego, Nintendo 64, Transformers. Mashup.

Baron Julius von Brunk Lego, Nintendo 64, Transformers. Mashup.

This Lego Nintendo 64 with Controller, and Donkey Kong 64 and Golden Eye 007 (James Bond) video games sums up a whole lot of childhoods in one image. Baron Julius von Brunk created this great tribute to the last great cartridge system. With some amazing attention to detail. The controller ports on the front of the Nintendo 64 are perfect. There is even a red LED bit on the front, perfect for knowing when you have hit the power or reset buttons (also present!). Not only that, this MOC has that wonky AC adapter, a save cartridge in the controller, and more. It all comes together in a pretty realistic version of a Nintendo 64. Kinda makes you want to boot up an old system and play some multiplayer Golden Eye 007.

But, thats not all. This Nintendo 64 and accessories Lego creation has a secret. It can transform into a variety of robots. For instance the iconic Nintendo 64 controller can turn into a robotic scorpian.

Baron Julius von Brunk Lego, Nintendo 64, Controller Transformed

While the Nintendo 64 itself can transform into a deadly robot. With shoulder cannon and magazine (conveniently made from the save pack).

Baron Julius von Brunk Lego, Nintendo 64 Robot

Best of all is the Lego Donkey Kong 64 game. It can transform into a robotic gorilla. Ready to throw barrels and pound the ground. Or maybe just eat a banana.

Baron Julius von Brunk Lego, Nintendo 64, Donkey Kong 64 Robot

Check out the whole project on Baron Julius von Brunk’s Flickr page: